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Rest assured you have sewing machine repair service within reach!

Sewing Machine Service

We know the feeling. You’re rushing to finish a last-minute project, and suddenly your machine goes rogue. Or you finally have a free day ahead of you to devote to sewing, and then a dreadful clunking sound invades your peace.

Yes, machine breakdowns are no laughing matter. But they don’t have to be a crying one. Our experienced technicians will doctor your machine back to health again. So stay calm and stop in. We’re eager to help you.

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Sewing Machine Repair Service

Sewing machines can be delicate things. If you run into a problem, please don’t try to fix it yourself (unless you have repair experience). Our technicians are trained and have the tools to work on the tiny, intricate parts of sewing machines.

So whether your machine is a golden oldie or whether it’s brand new, we’d love to help you. Call us or stop by our shop.

Sewing Machine Service

A breakdown is a rude surprise. However, you can help avoid it by making sure your machine is running at its best. We advise you to bring your machine in for a checkup every few years. We’ll examine it to catch and fix any problems before they become worse, and we’ll oil your machine.

Sewing Machine Service Tips from Our Techs

Here are a few recommendations to keep your machine at its best. Wishing you a healthy machine and a lovely time sewing.

  • Surge protectors are a must for all sewing machines that have computers! We recommend the protection of at least 1000 joules.
  • We do not recommend sewing over pins. You risk breaking a needle, which could fly in your face or cause a burr on the hook. If you have a broken needle, be sure to find and remove all broken pieces.
  • Change your needle and oil the hook every 6-8 sewing hours. Do not use a dull or damaged needle.
  • If your needle gets jammed in your fabric, turn off your machine, and remove the needle from the needle bar. Do not use the hand wheel to pry the needle out. It may negatively affect the timing of your machine or damage the hook of your machine.
  • Do not use canned air to clean out the hook area of your machine. Lint flies up and may damage the computer boards.
  • Never use abrasives on the body of the machine or on the touch screen. Any type of mild cleaning agent, such as Formula 409, should be sprayed onto a cloth and then applied to the body of the machine. Never use acetone, mineral spirits, or harsh chemicals.

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