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Sewing machines for sale! Interested in learning a new skill? Want to become a more independent consumer? Fascinated by fashion? Learn how to sew your own clothes, create your own quilts, or flesh out your own designs. Invest in a machine today!
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BERNINA is a name that rings true for seamstresses–both professional and hobbyist–all over the world. For over 125 years, BERNINA’s Swiss tradition of quality has stood strong in the sewing machine world. They’re the best machines you can get!


Bernette is a brand of the BERNINA Textile Group. Our bernette sewing machines are perfect for budget-conscious buyers who don’t want to settle for low quality. Robust, Swiss-designed, and full of helpful features, your bernette machine won’t disappoint!

Sewing Machine FAQs

For beginners, we recommend the bernette line. If you’re looking for a higher quality beginner machine, a good starting place is the BERNINA-3 series base models.

The throat space is the distance from the needle to the right of the machine. Another common way to describe this is the length of free arm to the right of the needle. Throat space measurements are there to tell you how much space you’ll have for your hand and for the project you’re sewing. 

Each BERNINA series has a different throat space. 

  • 3 series–6.3”
  • 4 series–7”
  • 5 series–8.5”
  • 7 series–10” 
  • 8 series–12”

What is the warranty on BERNINA machines?

From the date you purchased the product: 

  • Mechanical parts–20 years 
  • Electrical parts (wiring, cable, sensors)–2 years
  • Printed circuit boards–5 years

No, in fact, they are easy to navigate! Of course, as with any new machine or equipment, there may be a bit of a learning curve, but we’ll think you’ll find BERNINA machines to be intuitive. In fact, if you operate a smartphone, you’ve already learned a more complicated machine. 

All BERNINA models have touchscreens, except the 3 series. When you change anything on your machine, your screen will notify you about what changed. And, if you ever get lost, you can always turn your machine off and back on to reset it.  

Yes, you can. In fact, many of BERNINA’s machines have a stitch regulator. This handy gadget makes your stitches perfectly consistent.

The 4 series up to the 590 models are built so a BSR can be added to the machine. Most models from the 590 on up have a BSR included as a standard accessory.