Vacuum Cleaners for Sale

Feeling wistful for a vacuum made of the quality your grandparents enjoyed? Vacuums built to last for years aren’t things of the past. Introducing Riccar®, Simplicity®, and Powr-Flite® vacuums–meet the cleaning machines that will do your dirty work for you! Most of our vacuums use a HEPA filtration system to trap allergens like bacteria, pet dander, household dust, and mold. It’s not just about cleaning the floor; it’s also about cleaning the air. Does your vacuum need an inspection or repair? Our service technicians can diagnose and repair any of the vacuums from brands we sell. Schedule an appointment here.
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About our vacuum brands


Tandem Air technology–that’s one of the big deals of Riccar. While most vacuums use either a clean air or a direct motor, tandem air uses both. The results? Deeply cleaned carpet and better quality air. Plus, these vacuums are built tough to last long. 

Do you like having lots of tools to get into crevices of all sizes? Get the Riccar with tools. Need long cords? Headlights? Multi-floor capabilities? We can point you to the Riccar that’s for you.


Powr-Flite’s line of commercial vacuums is perfect for high-traffic areas. They’re made to handle the hefty amounts of dirt found in church hallways, school classrooms, or busy office spaces. 

Choose from an array of vacuum designs: upright, canister, wet-dry, large-area vacuums, and more. Need a commercial cleaning machine that isn’t on our website? As Powr-Flite dealers, we can order the machine you need.


Simplicity aims to build vacuums that are simple but exceptional. After all, having the latest gadgets and controls on a vacuum doesn’t increase the quality. In some cases, these “extras” may mask inferior quality. Simplicity vacuums focus on durability and deep cleaning. 

Do you love the ease and portability of a cordless stick vacuum? We carry cordless stick vacuums by Simplicity. If you prefer a canister model, you can find that here, too.

Vacuum Cleaners FAQs

Our baseline models have a warranty of a year, while the mid-line has a 3-year warranty. The top-of-the-line models have a 5-year warranty.

Some of our vacuums are made in Texas. Some are made in China. And, some (like the Riccar line) are made right here in the state of Missouri.

Yes, most of our vacuums have bags.

Bags keep the dust from seeping out of the vacuum; they keep your air cleaner. In many of our vacuums, the bag is part of the filter. If you or anyone in your family have problems with asthma or allergies, regularly using a vacuum with a bag and HEPA filtration system will help keep them more comfortable.

We’ve seen some of our top-line models last up to 20 years. Many of our models have about a 10-year life expectancy. However, this varies greatly depending on how a vacuum is used.

How long a vacuum lasts depends on the care it receives. Replacing the bag at the right times and being vigilant about what your vacuum slurps up will help to preserve your vacuum longer. 

In addition, we recommend servicing your vacuum about once a year. You can schedule a service appointment with us. We’ll change the filters and take a look at the different parts of the machine to ensure everything is working properly.